Chemical Valet Service Contract

Chemicals must be purchased from Buchmyer's Pools.
Weeks of Requested Visit:

Contact Information (in case we need access to electrical breaker)

Valet Assistance up to 15 Minute Maximum.

The cost of Chemical Valet is $14.99 in surrounding York Areas. Patrons who live 40 minutes or further away from our York location should not be surprised if this service is not available. We encourage you to call our York office to inquire before submitting the request. We do have a large service area base, if a service crew is in your area during the week you are requesting, we will certainly do our very best to accommodate all of our Chemical Valet requests.

Chemical Valet service includes testing the water on site and adjusting chemical levels as needed based on the test with Bioguard chemicals that have been purchased from our store or pulled from our on-site stocked service truck. All Chemicals that are pulled off of the truck will be billed in addition to the $14.99 service fee. Please see the attached price list to familiarize yourself with the cost of our chemicals. We do not add or brush salt in the pool. We will leave the bags of salt needed on site for the customer to add.

Buchmyer's Pools will not service a pool that is on a softswim or baquacil.
Buchmyer's Pools will not service a pool that has an algae problem unless we can reach you while we are onsite to discuss cost and your next steps in order to clear up the pool. A chemical valet service on an algae pool will NOT make it crystal clear and sparkling. It will be the very start of a process you will need to tend to immediately. If we arrive to a pool with algae and you choose to not have us do any treatments after discussion on site, we will leave and you will be charged accordingly.

Notes regarding billing:
  1. We will not do Chemical Valet without a charge card
  2. Charge cards will be run each visit with your final invoice amount.
  3. A Paid in Full Invoice and charge receipt will be sent after each charge.

Customer Information:

Pool Information:

Payment Information:

Services / Order Chemicals

General Terms and conditions:
All necessary equipment and chemicals must be accessible to our technician on the day of your scheduled visit. ***exact dates will be agreed upon by Buchmyer's Pools, Inc. If you keep your pool area locked, please supply us with a key or the combination to your gate to because if weather prohibits our schedule, we cannot guarantee the rescheduled day. We require 48 hours notice to cancel this contract!