General Service Contract

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**If this is the first time Buchmyer's is servicing your pool, we will require any cash or check payment at the time of the service. You will need to be home, we cannot guarantee time of arrival.

Filter Maintenance
All filters require routine maintenance.

Cartridge and de elements should be saturated in filter cleaner, scrubbed and cleaned. In some cases, we will recommend a soak overnight. The method depends on how dirty the element is and how long it has been since the service was done. Doing these services will require disassembling the filter tank.

Sand filters can have a chemical cleaning if there has just been one heavy load on the filter. One heavy load could mean an algae cleanup or a lot of mud being introduced to the pool (as examples). This service can be done easily without taking apart the filter tank.

Every three years the filter sand needs to be removed and changed. The tank needs to be disassembled to do this service. Buchmyers will provide any of the above mentioned services for you. The cost on average will run $100.00-200.00. If you are interested in having us service your filter, please indicate below.

We would like all pools to start with a clean start. Request this service as early as possible and we will do our very best we can to do this prior to the pool opening season. Otherwise, we will resume filling these requests after June 15th.

Order Chemicals

We require 48 hours notice to cancel this contract!