Modified Poolcare Contract

Swimming pool maintenance includes Testing the water, Adding our chemicals, balance water, backwash filter, brush step, empty baskets, clean electris robot if applicable.

DOES NOT Include: Manual vacuum, scrub steps, skim pool, additional parts/repairs, extra labor time or weekly chemicals.

**limited service area**

Valet Assistance up to 20 Minute Maximum.

The cost to service your pool is $40 per week + Chemicals. The cost is limited to patrons who live 40 minutes or closer to our York store. Customers beyond this radius can call the office for a quote. We will not maintain any swimming pool unless all chemicals are purchased from Buchmyer's Pools, Inc. charge card payment is the only accepted form of payment for weekly services. My card will be charged for service and chemicals as they are used each week.

Buchmyers's pools will not service a pool that is on softswim or baquacil.

Pools that have bushes, trees or other vegetation within 3 feet of the pools edge need to be kept trimmed back so that we may have a full three foot clearance around the pool. Trees that hang over the pool need to also be trimmed back so that the 3ft clearance above the pool is also clear. We need to be able to freely move.

General Terms and Conditions

All necessary equipment and chemicals must be accessible to our service-men on the day of your scheduled visit ***Exact day will be agreed upon by Buchmyer's Pools Inc. and the customer. Billing will be sent out after each maintenance is performed. If our service tech cannot gain access to the pool on a scheduled maintenance visit you will still be charged for the service. Bad weather and holidays do affect your choice day and we will come ASAP to make that up.

Customer Information:

Pool Information:

Payment Information:

Order Chemicals

General Terms and conditions:
All necessary equipment and chemicals must be accessible to our technician on the day of your scheduled visit. ***exact dates will be agreed upon by Buchmyer's Pools, Inc. If you keep your pool area locked, please supply us with a key or the combination to your gate to because if weather prohibits our schedule, we cannot guarantee the rescheduled day. We require 48 hours notice to cancel this contract!