Vacation Poolcare Contract

Weeks of Vacation:

Contact Information (in case we need access to electrical breaker)

Swimming pool maintenance of pool as needed. Testing the water, adjusting chemicals as needed and filter back flushing.

**limited service area**

**limited availability**

This modified poolcare service is $40.
We will not maintain any swimming pool unless all chemicals are purchased from Buchmyer's Pools, Inc.

Buchmyers's pools will not service a pool that is on softswim or baquacil.

Buchmyer's pools will not service a pool that has an algae problem due to the manner in which we feel algae should be treated, you must have an algae free pool to sign up for pool care. If we come out and the pool has algae, the regular fee will still be assessed and no service will be performed.

Pools that have bushes, trees or other vegetation within 3 feet of the pools edge need to be trimmed so that we have a full three foot clearance around the pool. Trees that hang over the pool need to also be trimmed back so that the 3ft clearance above the pool is also clear. We need to be able to freely move and use our 25 foot skimmer pole without hitting trees and/or bushes that knock more debris into the pool due to the physical contact.

Notes regarding billing:
  1. We will not do weekly pool service without a charge card
  2. Charge cards will be run thru each week with your invoice amount.
  3. A Paid in Full Invoice and charge receipt will be sent after each charge.
  4. Chemicals, parts and repairs to be billed separately. If you are out of a chemical that is needed to balance/ maintain your water the service-men will replenish your stock from their truck and you will be billed accordingly. If they do not have access to your chemicals they will use the stock from their truck and bill accordingly.
  5. When your pool needs extra cleaning, brushing or removal of excessive leaves over and above your regularly scheduled time frame, it is not considered part of the maintenance contract and you will be charged $100.00/hr, billed in 15 minute increments.

Customer Information:

Pool Information:

Payment Information:

Order Chemicals

General Terms and conditions:
All necessary equipment and chemicals must be accessible to our technician on the day of your scheduled visit. ***exact dates will be agreed upon by Buchmyer's Pools, Inc. If you keep your pool area locked, please supply us with a key or the combination to your gate to because if weather prohibits our schedule, we cannot guarantee the rescheduled day. We require 48 hours notice to cancel this contract!